Swirls of Hope

One NFT for every day of the war

A lasting digital monument to Ukraine and its citizens

“Swirls of Hope” is a digital monument that honors the people of Ukraine, whose country has been embroiled in a conflict since the Russian invasion on February 24th, 2022. The monument consists of a collection of NFTs, with one created for every day of the war.

The swirling patterns of colorful particles in each NFT represent the hope that persists even in the darkest times. Each day, the people of Ukraine wake up and continue to fight for their families and their country. “Swirls of Hope” serves as a symbol of their resilience and unwavering spirit.

Thanks to NFT technology, this monument is made for eternity: once it has been minted into the blockchain, it can never be removed. Maps can be changed and Wikipedia articles rewritten. But the “Swirls of Hope” monument will always exist.

As the conflict continues, the number of NFTs in the collection will be increasingly limited, with one created for each day of the war. Each NFT is unique, with some representing important events that occurred on that day.

By investing in the collection, buyers not only gain a valuable piece of digital art but also a tangible representation of hope and perseverance.

“Swirls of Hope” is a powerful tribute to the people of Ukraine, and a reminder that even in the face of immense hardship, hope and perseverance can prevail.




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